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Soweto Youth and Development Projects NPC

(Company registered in terms of section 21, registration number 2007/025246/08)

THANKS: Firstly a big thank you to those who have supported Soweto Youth financially during the recent year or in the past and in many other ways.

PROGRAMS: Our focus has continued to be on developing children and youth in and around Soweto.

EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT- we have continued to support the two crèches that we established a number of years ago. Siyakhuliswa Educare and Preschool. (meaning: “we are getting a hand up”) Located in Lehae to the south of Johannesburg near Lenasia. The crèche is presently located on the housing site of the manager/teacher Ms. Lilian Nxumalo. Application was made to the council for the lease of a permanent crèche site Erf; 799 Lehae
which is well located in the area. The lease was approved by the Johannesburg Property Company but the site was unofficially occupied by another NGO which has now relocated to a permanent site so we are back in negotiations. It is hoped that Siyakhuliswa will relocate to an appropriate site by early 2013.
Some 42/5 children aged from 2 to 6 attend the school. The crèche is located in an “Edutainer” a converted shipping container. The facility is well appointed but cramped. Flush toilets, an office/sickroom and storeroom have been added. As soon as the crèche site has been formally allocated, new facilities will have to be planned and developed in terms of council requirements. It is hoped that the increased space available will enable expanded and permanent facilities to be developed so as to increase enrollment numbers-a provisional enrollment of 100 is envisaged.

Ekukhanyeni Creche (meaning “the bright”): Located in the Diepkloof Hostel complex Soweto. The crèche started in the beginning of 2006 in one of the old single quarter rooms in the old migrant worker hostel, a notorious legacy of Apartheid. The conditions are very poor in the hostel complex which is no longer run as a hostel and is essentially a squat, but the council has started on an upgrade programme for the entire complex and new houses for families and singles are currently being built. Application has been made to the council to allocate a permanent site in the redeveloped area but nothing has transpired. Currently there are 40/45 children enrolled coming mainly from the hostel. An “edutainer” (a converted shipping container 2.2X12m) and two wooden “wendy” houses (3x5 and 3x6) provide the classroom facilities. Prefab buildings have been installed to provide facilities for a kitchen and toilets. Playground equipment is provided. There is limited playing space in the fenced off grounds, and rubber matting covers the playing area making for a clean environment.

Other programs that we initiated and still support are focused in older primary school children and youth.

*KLIPTOWN YOUTH PROGRAM: This amazing program is run by the young leaders of the Kliptown squatter camp and their programs that we support include a daily feeding scheme, computer training, literacy and numeracy, sport, arts and culture and environment/nutrition.

*PRIMARY SCHOOL SPORT AND LITERACY: We are presently working with 12 primary schools in the fields of sport and library development. Soccer-We initiated five a side soccer in the schools involving both boys and girls in the age groups under 11 and under 13. This has introduced new players to the sport and the focus is on mass participation and fun as opposed to just on the better players in the schools. Library development- we have been able to supply new appropriate books and other equipment to the participating schools and also to deploy a library assistant who assists the teachers in inculcating a love of reading amongst the children.

New Library goes to Wisani Primary

During the year to 29/02/2012 we were able to raise just in excess of R18 0000 from private individuals and organizations. This is much appreciated and enabled us to continue the work in these important fields. However there a shortfall and there is an on-going and critical need for additional financial support to continue to meet the monthly needs of the two crèches (to the extent of approximately R10.000 pm.) and for the other programs. Parent fees are insufficient to cover the food and other running expenses of the creches (including the stipends for the 7 staff employed at the two crèches) and the funding of the shortfall comes from donations. We are appealing for new donors and those who have supported us in the past, to pay a regular amount on a monthly (or ad-hoc) basis to ensure continuity of operations. A dedicated banking account handles all donations: Soweto Youth and Development Projects, Bankers: FNB, 4 Merchant Place code 200607, A/C No. 62156534200. This company has a representative board and as all financial and other support is targeted at disadvantaged communities in and around Soweto BEE broad based criteria are met thus enabling companies supporting the company projects to apply for credits.

Auditors: Michaelides & co inc.
Compiled by Denis Creighton, Chairperson, July 2012.
Soweto Youth and Development Projects NPC Website: www.soweto.co.za; Email:
Tel+27 (0)829000105

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