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Mshenguville is an informal settlement in the Mofolo area of Soweto. It has been established since +-1988 when a golf course was invaded by homeless people. Some 650 shacks exist in the area with approximately 4.5 people living in each unit thus the population is nearly 3000 adults and children. As this is an “illegal” settlement, no proper facilities have been provided although water points and temporary toilets are provided on the perimeter of the settlement.

It is the stated intention of the City council to relocate the residents to a legal settlement where they will be assisted to acquire formal housing in terms of the Governments’ national housing policy. It is likely that the residents will be required to move some distance from the existing development but no details are to hand at this stage nor is the timetable known. Residents have been encouraged to register with the authorities for housing subsidies.

Most of the residents are unemployed and a high level of poverty is to be found in the area. Most of the residents have strong connections with family in Kwa Zulu Natal where they originate. A low level of employable skills have been identified and many of the residents are only able to speak broken English in addition to their mother tongue Isizulu.

Social services such as a local clinic and schools are to be found in the proximity of the settlement. A gravel football field is in the neighbourhood.

Involvement by www.soweto.co.za in the area.

The website is owned by the travel and tourism company KDR Sports and Adventure Travel (Pty) Ltd (KDR).

The company pioneered experiential tours in Soweto in 2002 and in the course of the tours has developed a relationship with many of the residents in the area as a result of visiting the settlement with both leisure and corporate tours.
It has taken the decision to assist the community in a number of areas in an attempt to bring some relief to the harsh conditions that the residents experience. In this regard, many of the tour groups have offered some assistance on an adhoc basis.

Projects initiated by www.soweto.co.za

Soccer sponsorship.

The company has sponsored the open team of the soccer club Mofolo Knights since 2003. It has recently extended the sponsorship to include the under 12 and under 14 junior teams. The sponsorship includes provision of club kit, soccer balls, ground scraping and entry fees. Since the introduction of this assistance the team has improved its performance and risen in the Soweto rankings. Still needed are soccer boots.

Establishment of a Kindergarden or Creche.

Older children are able to attend local Government schools, but an identified need is the provision of preschool facilities for the children of preschool age as they lacked a decent environment, stimulation and some preparation for school. Parents lacked finance to send their children to private facilities nearby.

With the assistance of the Bridge Nursery School in Houghton a young lady from the community received some training at the Bridge and basic equipment was provided by the Bridge School, various donors and KDR Sports. The Kindergarden was established at the end of 2004 and is now able to accommodate +-20 children in reasonable though crowded facilities within Mshenguville. The facilities are located in half of a block built house within an enclosed yard, which are rented from a resident.

No food is presently provide to the children on a regular basis, although an offer of assistance in this regard has been offered. A balanced daily diet is considered necessary.

Parents pay fees of R30 per month for each child.

    • Special school assistance.

KDR Sports assists one of the young resident (Celiwe) who has Cerebral Palsy to attend a nearby Sunshine centre for handicapped children. The assistance includes paying school fees (after deduction of a bursary from Sunshine), transport and incidentals such as disposable nappies.

    • Other Assistance/Projects.

The following are also undertaken by KDR on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

Feeding of dogs-with high levels of poverty making it difficult to feed the even the humans, KDR has had to step in to provide regular dog food.

Youth nature excursions-trips to Pilanesberg game reserve for young people who otherwise seldom leave the area have been conducted.

Employment opportunities-some ladies have benefited from beadwork projects coordinated by KDR.

4. Budget.

Many of the projects are ad-hoc, but the following ongoing financial commitments have been identified as minimum to maintain the projects on a monthly basis. Should additional resources become available, the level of assistance can be expanded.

Individuals or corporate sponsors to assist in any way would be welcomed.

4.1 Kindergarden (21 children):

Rent R 100.00

Salary R 1000.00

Sundry expenses R 300.00

Feeding (rough estimate) R 500.00

Less fees (80% R30x21) R 500.00

Approx Monthly Total: R 1600.00

4.2 Soccer Sponsorship (Three teams):

(Initial estimate)

Affiliation fees R2700.00

Balls R1000.00

Field repairs/scraping R1000.00

Kit (one set pa) R2500.00

Transport ` R1000.00

Sundries R1000.00

Annual total Say R9200.00

4.3 Special schooling (one child with cerebral palsy-Celiwe)

Transport R 120.00

School Fees R 105.00

Incidentals R 100.00

Monthly total R 325.00

4.4 Dog food (one dog)

Food R 90.00

Monthly total R 90.00

5. Future Direction = Income Generation 

Clearly one of the most pressing needs of the residents is income generation. This is an area that we would like to focus on in the future but acknowledge the enormous difficulties that would be involved to establish something meaningful and sustainable.

Cottage industries, skills development, literacy and English competency are some of the ideas we have considered. Ideas from our clients and friends would be welcomed.

6. Financial assistance.

Potential sponsors will be welcomed. We are in the process of opening a separate banking account dedicated to the Mshenguville project, but in the meanwhile any financial assistance may be paid directly into the following Soweto account of the company:

KDR Sports and Adventure Travel (Pty) Ltd.

Standard Bank

Fourways Crossing, code 009953

Acc number 42145319-2

Quote “Mshenguville Project” and donors name.

To discuss projects, donations or if you would like to assist in some other way please contact Denis Creighton by email or call him on + 27 (0)82 9000105

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