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Soweto Life

Who says a hairdresser needs to be in a mall? (41kb) The Black Madonna - Regina Mundi Church (41kb) The local butcher (39kb) The butcher at the baragwanath market (44kb)
How think would you like your steak? (37kb) The Nelson Mandela Museum (40kb) Vilakazi street - Once home to Nelson Mandela and Bishop Tutu (55kb) Denis - our KDR tour guide (41kb)
The Hector Peterson memorial (49kb) The photograph that moved the world (45kb) Children at the Regina Mundi church (28kb) Some would say the taxi's drive to fast to read the adverts..... (44kb)
One of the squatter camps in Soweto (65kb) Despite the poverty they live in - you will receive a warm welcome from the residents (60kb) Walk round the camp and see how their A squatter camp (62kb)
Hear from the squatters what day to day life is like. (37kb) The local casino (50kb) A view of baragwanath market and taxi rank (58kb) We take a walk round the market and meet the people (43kb)