Kwela, Gumboots and all that Jazz

The train arrives to fetch you at the station to take you into Soweto t_kw_station.jpg (52kb) t_kw_train2.jpg (45kb) t_kw_train_pax2.jpg (41kb)
You're never going to be sure who are everyday commuters and who are the "actors" in the musical play t_kw_mandla.jpg (32kb) t_kw_drums.jpg (42kb) t_kw_tr_band.jpg (44kb)
The 3 main characters are an older black man, Baba-father, who has been resident for many years in Soweto . As a young man he experienced all the drama and trauma of forced removals, pass laws, poverty and overcrowding and violence that has formed Soweto . The second character is a young man, Mandla, a relative from the rural areas and the third is Steve a white resident of Johannesburg somewhat cynical and who has not yet accepted the “New South Africa”. t_kw_trainpass2.jpg (42kb) t_kw_sax.jpg (38kb) t_kw_passengers.jpg (44kb)

On the train itself covering the early migrant labour, the formation of Soweto , the forced removals from Sophiatown and relocation in Meadowlands. The culture of train travel will unfold.

100-0006_IMG_2.jpg (40kb) t_kw_tr_drums.jpg (35kb) t_kw_tr_dudu.jpg (37kb)
The songs include: Shosholoza, Mombela, Meadowlands, Inameva and Abazane Bami. t_kw_train_sell.jpg (45kb) t_kw_trainpass.jpg (42kb) t_kw_tr_music.jpg (53kb)
As this is a normal commuter train normal life goes on as the play is performed. t_kw_train_pax.jpg (27kb) t_kw_train_dudu.jpg (38kb) t_kw_train.jpg (34kb)
You will move from one area to the other by Microbus, visiting some of the historical areas and shown areas that are mentioned in the play loc_oppen_mem.jpg (32kb)
View from The Oppenheimer Towers

In a squatter camp in Soweto covering the culture of a squatter community and sangomas.

t_kw_sq_castbeer.jpg (51kb) t_kw_sq_beer.jpg (54kb) t_kw_tula2.jpg (52kb)
The songs include:
We Ma-Dhlamini uphi umqombothi, Ababulayo and Tula Mntwana.
t_kw_dancers.jpg (49kb) t_kw_gumboots.jpg (54kb) t_kw_sq_gum.jpg (39kb)
Zulu cultural and gumboot dances are performed. t_kw_sq_pax.jpg (42kb) t_kw_sq_gum2.jpg (47kb) t_kw_sq_freshgum.jpg (39kb)
One of the highlight sof the tour is definately Duduzile singing Tula Mntwana (made famous by Margaret Singana and Miriam Makeba) to one of the little babies from the camp t_kw_sq_tula.jpg (45kb) t_kw_sq_tula3.jpg (42kb)  
  t_kw_sq_dancer.jpg (41kb) t_kw_sax2.jpg (47kb) t_kw_sqcamp.jpg (43kb)
  t_kw_sq_watching.jpg (32kb) t_kw_sqkids.jpg (32kb) t_kw_sqkids2.jpg (32kb)
The whole struggle history from 1976 through to democracy in 1994 is played out within the precinct of the Hector Pieterson Museum in Orlando West an area which was the focal point of the strife in those times. t_kw_hec toy2.jpg (52kb) t_kw_hector_death.jpg (41kb) t_kw_hec_toy.jpg (41kb)

The “struggle music” includes: Angekesizwe, Hamba Gahle Umkonto, Join MZ, Pitoli

t_kw_hec_suff.jpg (43kb) t_kw_police.jpg (59kb) t_kw_afri.jpg (40kb)
The “struggle music” includes:
Toyi-toyi dancing, I can run and shoot
t_kw_students3.jpg (48kb) t_kw_students2.jpg (47kb) t_kw_stu_toy.jpg (51kb)
The “struggle music” includes:
Oliver Tambo and Botha, Too many people, Jikijela and Free Mandela as well as the National Anthem.
t_kw_amandla.jpg (44kb) t_kw_students.jpg (52kb)  

The final sequence is played out as a township wedding in Orlando East the oldest township in Soweto.

t_kw_mt_sax.jpg (43kb) t_kw_mt_mom.jpg (43kb) t_kw_mt_band.jpg (38kb)
The music includes: Traditional wedding songs such as : Umkonto Ushaka, Baba Nmumzane, Ubuhle Bendoda, Nodole Daliuyeye and township jazz Bambezele, The Click Song, Way back 60's Kwela Special Star, Kwaito and Pantsula dancing. t_kw_mt_pax.jpg (37kb) t_kw_mt_family.jpg (58kb) t_kw_mt_table.jpg (34kb)
t_kw_mt_b.jpg (27kb)

The music is well known and appropriate to the story and underpins the tale in a moving way at all times. The performers are young talented people some of whom are professional or semi-professional entertainers. Others are enthusiastic amateurs. With one exception all are residents of Soweto.
We invite to not just go on a Soweto Tour but enjoy a
genuinely great Soweto Experience