Soweto Tour
Our Soweto tours are a full immersive experience, you get out the vehicle, you walk around, you meet the people.
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Soweto Country Club
Should you wish to put together a tour combining golf with a tour of Soweto or combining some shebeens
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Soweto Derby Soccer – Chiefs vs Pirates – Hospitality Suite Packages
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Soweto Tours & Team-building

The tour is a very “experiential”. We take our guests out the vehicles, into the homes and workplaces of Sowetans.

An Amazing Race

Experience this fantastic team-building event as you and your colleague’s race around Soweto, accomplishing specific tasks.

Here’s how it works:
The participants are divided into groups, and squeezed into taxi’s with a tour guide.
Groups must work together and follow the clues to their next destinations.
Once at a destination, tasks must be done, to receive the next clue. gives back…

The Ekukhanyeni Creche & Siyakhuliswa Educare & Preschool
Pioneered by our founder and philanthropist – Denis Creighton – and through income earned from our tours as well as monthly donations from our generous regular doners (Forest Town Methodist Church, the Mike Creighton fund, the Hudson Fund, UJ and many other ad-hoc supporters) we have been able to help support the Ekukhanyeni Creche located in the Diepkloof Hostel in Soweto as well as the Siyakhuliswa Creche in Lehae, for the past at least 25 years.

Both facilities provide much-needed pre-school education, feeding schemes and safe child care for the nearby impoverished communities that they serve. The Ekukhanyeni Creche is a much-enjoyed stop on our tours and interaction with the kids and Syvlia and her team of dedicated staff is a heart-warming and fun experience for our guests and the kids. Any donations to enhance these essential facilities is always appreciated, should you wish to become involved please email: